It’s been two weeks since our first blog and we have had some really good feedback, it seems you are finding an insight into life at BDA interesting, thank you.  

We have had a couple of lovely backed four year olds leave us this week with their happy owners, and their stables have been filled with two fresh faces to be backed and produced by Kyle.  Both seem to be settling into life at BDA very well. 

Head girl Coriander continues to work on the horses suppleness with the ‘Carrot & Coriander Yoga for Horses’ regime, continuing on from the last stretch exercise we featured, the ‘downward horse’, this weeks featured exercise is the ‘half moon’, once again ‘Steve’ (Zilveren Icoon BDA) is the star of the video.  As mentioned last time the exercises are designed to enhance vertebral joint range of motion, build core strength and improve flexibility. Focus on 3 movements, rounding (flexion), hollowing (extension) and side to side (lateral) bending. This weeks movement works on the lateral bending, as you can see Steve finds it easy, but there is always room for improvements. Next time we will feature the movement named ‘Full Moon’. 


 On the mare and foal front, during the winter months we feed our mares Dodson and Horrell Youngstock Mix as they enter their final trimester we feed them the Dodson and Horrell Mare and Youngstock concentrate, as this is a vital time for the unborn foals development.  Nursing mares burn more calories and can lose weight quickly, but high-energy foods provide additional carbohydrates for both energy and weight maintenance.


Our Stubbing Court Apprentice Jordan Bock loves to hay up the yearlings everyday,  this gives her the opportunity to have some cuddle time with the babies. Jordan, always keen to learn has also been practicing stretch exercises on her own mare, 5yr old Ange, you can see her and Ange in the picture below doing the ‘downward horse’. 

 competition stud, training yard and stud livery in Lincolnshire and UK


The newly installed heat lamps, are very much appreciated by us and the horses both before and after exercise!  Heat bulbs are specifically designed to increase blood flow and improve circulation of the horse. The warmth aids sugar consumption within the muscles and the disposal of lactic acids that can cause aches and pains in their joints whilst also promoting relaxation and recovery.  Willow BDA really enjoyed her first time under the lamps during her wash down. I cant wait for her first BE competition in March! I hope to have all the horses competition schedules completed in the next week.  


On the non horse duties, 'Dad' has been busy again, finding time to put up I and Kyles Christmas present from our lovely girls,  a really beautiful sculpture of the BDA logo, designed and made by the very talented Flora Murchie.  Kristen Bean, Becky Cousins, Coriander Cousins and Jordan Bock thank you again it really does look stunning.  Check out


Alfie just loves being with us on the yard and continues to offer help with yard chores, but like everyone who visits BDA Equestrian he too gets easily distracted by the yearlings!


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